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He went to the town of Gao after a month is in the examination of time. As Gaojiazhen admitted to the county a few years ago in a small number of students last year, only thirty people in scores on a line, while the town of candidates there 2,500. It would have been normal, low teacher salaries, work intensity is too large, there is not much enthusiasm. While other towns are in the examination of ways and means to work hard, exams ideas get out of the papers in the exam, the teacher quickly good answers, and then pass the examination hall copier dozens of students to plagiarize, and Gao town teacher who did not do things plagiarism, they simply do not care, the students are like little test multiple test has nothing to do with himself. outlet low price exam one week in secondary schools in the town of Gao in the exam held a mobilization meeting, at which he loudly chide teachers working consumer product, teaching is not hard. But he did not mention an issue of poor treatment of teachers, so that teachers greatly disgusted breadwinner is immune, which still have a good mind to teach. The outlet low price mayor also requires teachers regardless of the method used, be sure to let Gaojiazhen admitted to secondary schools in the county in this one scores a doubling of the number of people than last year, implying that plagiarism is to allow students to have on such a people.[Richmond]


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Wang was really pulling out the phone to consult the township party committee Secretary Liu. [Lubbock]

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Through deliberation, decided to open the Ambassador Ma Mingqing private car to take to the open and Wanghui Fu Ming Wang marched overland to Thailand from the border with Myanmar, and requested the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar sent to pick and then transferred to the border of Yunnan.[Jersey City]


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So Zhang Mingliang said: "Brother, please come to rest, Secretary Wang, Shen mayor Please go with us!" Then go out and keep up with Lin Qingming Li Donghua.[Saint Paul]

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